Kobe Bryant’s Death

When I got the news that Kobe Bryant died yesterday I was shocked. I was shaking and having difficulty holding my phone as I read through the news. I couldn’t believe that he was gone just like that. Life snuffed out in a tragic helicopter accident. When the shock wore off there was sadness. I was sad because this man who had performed at the peak of his profession for so long was just getting started on his second act and I wouldn’t be able to see it play out.

I had read a lot of things about his mindset and had really come to appreciate how he viewed life and how his mindset drove him to achieve so much. I was really getting to like Kobe Bryant the man even though I didn’t like Kobe Bryant the basketball player. Now that I won’t have the opportunity to witness what he would’ve grown into I feel as though I’ve lost out on something. It feels like a missed opportunity.

As I get older I can say that I’ve seen tragedies and early deaths many-a-time. They’re all sad. Kobe Bryant’s passing was different than those before it because it brought a realization to me. It became crystal clear to me that I want to live my best each day. I want to pursue what I want; my goals, and the things that I hold dear.

There will come a day when I wake up from my sleep for the very last time. I want to meet that day knowing I’ve worked on what’s important to me. Why should I wait to start living at the level that I am capable of? I have potential and possibilities that literally scare me and cause me to shake when I think about them.

I won’t delay the realization of those possibilities another day. I came across a great quote that sums up my realization.

“God’s gift to you is more talent and ability than you will ever use in one lifetime. Your gift to God is to develop and utilize as much of that talent and ability as you can, in this lifetime.”

Steve Bow

RIP KOBE and thank you for one final lesson.